Monday, October 4, 2010


Leading an all volunteer organization has special demands. When it is the Church, I think it is a little harder. (I am aware that many churches need a few professionals, but even they should offer their services without pay.) For most non-profits, those that help are volunteers as in, "I am just a volunteer." This phrase is usually uttered when someone wants "out" of task. In Church, we are ministers. We are part of Christ's Body and work for God. We are called and equipped by God. Sacrifice is the norm. Church is the last place to play the "just a volunteer" card.


We, the Church are amateurs. That is, we do what we do for love (of God.) Unfortunately, in our time-crunched, hectic world, few have time to love God (other than in thought or theory.) It is not that they do not want to love God; they just don't take the time. If I did not take the time, Christine and I would not be together 42 years later. She took time, too.


The "just a volunteer" card gets played by those who need to be in love with God rather than just know about him. True, some may be in bad fit ministries and need to get out. But I see too many very earnest people doing too much and others watching. Christianity is not a spectator sport (despite what TV evangelists might say.)


So here's what you might do if you are bold. Don't settle for knowing about God, learn to love God. Be in love with God. It takes practice. Help another love God, especially a child. Too often an adult (who hasn't learned to love God) convinces a child (who naturally loves God early in life) to pursue other loves at the expense of God.  Well meaning, but not helpful. And minister for God using your gifts. Leave the "volunteer" card unplayed.

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