Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am not sure what it is about us but we tend to notice weaknesses in others and assume (take for granted) strengths. An exception to this may be the phony "self esteem" movement that gives people an "attagirl" for doing nothing. Still, this is an exception.


All people deserve respect and are valuable. They need do nothing to earn this. But each of us has unique, God-given gifts (and not just the "spiritual" kind,) many of which go unidentified and unacknowledged.


We can point out a weakness, however, a mile away. People spend many frustrating hours either trying to eradicate weaknesses (which they probably cannot do.) Or else, bemoan the fact that they either have no strengths or people will not acknowledge those as well as the weaknesses.


I read a book once that said not to waste our time on weaknesses but fill our time with strengths. I like that. Jesus saw strength in even the weakest of people.


Today, embrace your strengths. If you do not know what they are, do not waste any time (especially on weaknesses.) Find them out. Friends. Tests. Prayer. Reflection. Each will help. And spend more time acknowledging the strengths of others. Do not keep silent. Help them understand themselves and, thereby, unleash the power that God has given them for the benefit of us all.

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