Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me"


This is a stupid adage. I was told it as a child. It is untrue. God tells us over and over again that naming is power. God names Jacob, Israel. God gave power to name animals to Adam and Eve. God will not give his name to Moses. Jesus shuns the Messiah title. Jesus said that using derogatory names are akin to murder. He didn't even like the label, "good."


A lot had been said about bullying lately. The Houston Chronicle reported on 10/11 that ~20% of high school teens reported being bullied. Some of this is physical and that should be both condemned (which most do) and eradicated (which few take on.)


But let's stick with names. Facebook is awash with them. I read about fags, retards, whores, stupid, and bitches. My Italian immigrant grandfather was called a wop (interestingly, meaning "without papers.") Even "beautiful" and "athletic" or "brilliant" (straight A student) can turn a people into a caricature of themselves leaving the named wondering if they will have validity when beauty fades, games are lost or a smarter person comes along. Politicians are maligned more that their policies debated. I weep so does God. Jesus died for each one of these people.


Consider your use of names. Have you exercised power over others by naming? While this may make us feel superior for a while, we know it is only time before we will be named ourselves. Have you been named? Know that you are so much more than any name. More complex and more beautiful.


Embrace the name God gives you: son…daughter.

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