Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mail Call

As the years pass, I notice that "mailing it in" has become more common place. I notice how many are hurt by this phenomenon. Now, I may not have the precise definition of "mailing it in" but here's mine.


"Mailing it in" occurs when a person puts in the least humanly possible effort into a project. The project may be a promise, returning a call or email, or a task – complex or simple. Often, 'mailing it in" is an outcrop of procrastination or saying "Yes" to too many requests. "Mailing it in" makes us look like we are being responsible without putting much effort in. And "mailing it in" always shifts the burden off of the "mailer" and on to another. "Mailing it in" always fractures community because trust is broken.


The cycle of "mailing it in" only can be broken when one begins to think of others. "Others" being God and those with whom the mailer is in community. The cycle is broken when one thinks of others first (Philippians, chapter 2.) A plan (Jeremiah 29:11) is what God has in mind and the plan is not "escape." Christ and the Cross is our exodus.


If we think of God, we only take on those things God wants. This is not the same as those things which we want. God's will requires sacrifice. "Follow me," is not easy. Yet, God does not expect us to be saviors. He already sent one. We are meant to say "No" to good things so we might say "Yes" to God things. If some things belly flop, it may be because someone else is refusing to follow Jesus. There is amazing freedom in listening to God because only God cares about you completely. He will never hurt you. It's not all yours to fix.


If we think of others, we realize how rough it is to be bailed out on at the last minute or just ignored. Both hurt.


Be an agent of a flourishing community. Vow never "mail it in" again. Ask God for help. When you find yourself "mailing it in," repent (change your ways,) make restitution, and seek forgiveness from those hurt. Have a plan but make it God's.

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