Monday, September 10, 2012


Let’s face it. Cell towers are a necessary evil but they are an eyesore. Lately, providers are getting creative as in the case above where they disguise the tower. In this case, it is a “saguaro cactus.” Some look like lodge pole pines. The towers blend in with the surroundings.

Too often, we disguise ourselves as something other than who we are. Like cell providers, we don’t want others to see what’s inside. No, we don’t don rubber noses and false mustaches. We disguise ourselves as     

  •        Being right
  • ·         Being perfect
  • ·         Being “what you need me to be”
  • ·         Being compliant
  • ·         Being sure
  • ·         Being liberal or conservative
  • ·         Being confident
  • ·         Being independent
  • ·         Being strong

Truth is, when we peel off the outer coating, we are loved and look a lot like God. Truth is, the outer disguise only complicates life and makes us unsure of ourselves and our status of being loved.

What disguises do you wear? Are they really helping? How much energy goes into keeping up appearances? What if you were able to be truly you even if a few might disapprove? What if you were comfortable in your own skin? You were not created to blend in.

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