Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The October 2012 issue of the magazine Mental Floss  has an article about Train Surfing in Bangladesh. Train surfing is when, because you cannot afford (or won’t pay) the 7 cents to ride INSIDE the train, you hop aboard the TOP or SIDE of the train. Obviously, this is dangerous and scary. Most of these folks live below the poverty line. In order for life to be served, fear could not have the last say.

For many of us, fear controls our checkbooks and our calendars. Both often serve as response to nagging questions rooted in fear.
  • Do I matter?
  • Will I be overlooked?
  • Will I be liked?
  • Have I been forgotten?
  • Will these feelings never end?
  • How do I measure up?
  • Why can’t I be perfect?
  • Shouldn’t there be more?
God tells us two things. Perfect love casts out fear and God is love
What have you done today to strengthen your relationship with God? It will lessen your fears. Your checkbook and calendar will show it.

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