Thursday, September 6, 2012


Gizmodo reports that we can buy up to 80,000 followers to boost our Twitter account. Wow, that would make me very popular. Only trouble is, these are fake followers. Not real. Phony. Pretend.

I am assuming there are those who would shell out $5 on their PayPal account to get this ego boost. But why? What have we come to that we even will take a vacuous ego boost? Do I really need a trophy for 5th place to let me know I am okay?

Faith is about getting in touch with the treasure trove inside of us even on the days when what’s going on outside of us sucks. Too often, we judge ourselves by whom and how many are applauding for us. Jesus died with maybe a half dozen supporting him. And this was after a huge exodus of “friends.” Yet, he was at peace.

What did Jesus know that we do not? That God loves us and is with us no matter what. That we are fearfully and wonderfully made and bear the image of God. That all the external stuff is destined to pass away anyway. It will not last. That we are only called to be perfectly ourselves and not someone else’s perfect. That we cannot get God to stop loving us.

Are you comfortable with yourself? Ask God what he thinks is so special about you. It lies beyond what you do and what you have.  Follow Jesus. He’ll follow you back. Promise.

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