Thursday, September 17, 2009


"A lot of times with the fame and the money here, you can get your wires crossed a little bit on who you are and adapt to the environment instead of staying with what you know and how you got here and what you do,"


"At some point you're going to struggle. No matter who you are, you're going to struggle. Same way with life. You go through life and have those years where everything seems to go right, and you have those years where you have to battle through."


These words were from Roy Oswalt, the Astros pitcher. He was speaking about baseball but he could have been talking about life.


In a consumer culture ripe with choices, a culture where we measure our worth by the stuff we have, it is easy to get lost. On the good days, we might get through life running on fumes but when the bad days come – and they will – we will vapor-lock, and no amount of status or stuff will restart us. We need to go home and star over. In order to do this, we need to know where "home" is.


Using Roy's thoughts, "home" is

  • What you know
  • How you got here
  • What you do


If I may take a bit of liberty…

  • What you know – That I am loved and have a mission that reaches out to me from eternity
  • How you got here – My history, especially the moments God seemed oh-so-close
  • What you do – my core, unique identity – at birth and from my baptism – given by God


Today, am I so in love with God that I know his love? Do I know my life-giving mission in life, my purpose?  Have I looked back on the highlights (especially the hard ones) and saw where God was active? Am I secure in my identity, relying on God and not my environment to validate me?

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