Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Isn't he cute?!" Well, actually, he (or she) could use some boundaries. Public behavior has become "over the top." My mom continually coached (at times, disciplined) me in the art of respecting personal boundaries in public. I had to be aware always how my freedom might come to bear negatively (diminish life) on others in my midst.


Today, I think boundaries are thought of a stifling personality or creativity. This is far from true. God tells us that real living is found within boundaries. No boundaries, no life. The 10 Commandments are boundaries that produce life (and without which, reduce life.) Even Jesus' single command to love as he did, encourages boundaries. Love is not a "feeling" (no boundaries) here but a strategy to draw life out of the bleakest situations through honoring the "other" by limiting myself.


One of my favorite prayers from the Book of Common Prayer states that service to God is "perfect freedom." Boundaries produce real freedom, real life. Jesus reiterated over and over (paraphrase,) "Die to live." Again, boundaries produce life.


How are your boundaries? If you have kids or grand kids, how are theirs? How are you shaping their respect for God and others through boundaries? Die to live!

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