Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lent Madness Continues

Well, the Elite 8 is now down to the Final 4. Be here in Houston, host of the 2011 Final Four, next Sunday to vote two ministries into the Championship match. Completion has been good; however, the Sunday Breakfast Club has been accused in a "bacon for play" alumni scheme. They are currently under investigation.


In this week's action;


Pumpkin Patch humiliated Cinderella "Head Start Christmas," 90 to10. The Patch will face the Band in the Final Four. The Band pulled of an upset victory over the Campaign of Kindness 52-46. It was a bittersweet win, leaving the Band feeling somewhat guilty for beating up on a mid-level conference foe dedicated to charity.



In the other bracket, The Church Has Left the Building trounced the Staff, 62-40, with the Staff vowing to opt out of TCHLTB play in the future for running up the score. TCHLTB will meet the Breakfast Club who beat the Acolytes, 58-44, after feeding them 100 pounds of pancakes, slowing their game down considerably.


Match up's for the Final Four


Pumpkin Patch vs. The Band (take the Band and 25 points)

Breakfast Club vs. The Church Has Left The Building (even)

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