Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scripture Bullets

I live in Texas. We carry fire arms. I don't but it's fine with me if you must. However, I have notice another "assault weapon" of late with which I am concerned. Scripture Bullets.
Scripture Bullets are used to cut off faithful conversation. To reduce another for whom Jesus died and rose to a non-entity. Here's how it works. I quote scripture to your oh so obviously faulty thought and, voila, you're dead. Okay, not physically dead. Maybe more like a Taser, I leave you stunned and immobile (or, at least, I shut you up.) On occasion, you have a Scripture Bullet to put in play as well. Uh oh, winged me!
Just quoting scripture is considered the trump card. I win. There is nothing else to say. If you do not have a complete ammo belt of scripture, I can, at the very least, out last you.It's way more fun if your belt is fairly empty.
I (and, yes, I am opening myself to be wounded) believe Holy Scripture is the Word of God and contains all things necessary for salvation. It's not much help in roasting a turkey or finding the other sock that escaped in the dryer. I do not believe that Scripture is self-interpreting and, when interpreted, it is done by sinners. That being said, what I mean is, the Bible in an open invitation to explore God (and be explored by God,) myself and my fellow humans and it its insight is spot on. By explore, I me explore the Truth about us all. I don't mean accurate in the historical sense, although it may be. But accurate in the, "Whoa, God, you got me pegged" sense or the "Wow! I didn't know I had that in me" sense. In the end, you and I need to take it where we believe God is leading us, either with all the community, a few or all alone.
Since the Bible is not self interpreting and should be taken as a whole and not simply favorite snippets, can't we talk? Will our whole faith collapse if we think a new thought or wonder? Son, back away from that there Bible and engage me in a conversation. I have the safety on.

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