Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sports Illustrated recently had an article about Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. If you do not follow baseball, Bud has been as innovative in bringing traditional-bound baseball into the 21st (okay, maybe the 20th) Century as his name is unremarkable. He has best been described as bland, slow and indecisive. As one baseball executive put it, as "the guy who always has a hot dog in his hand and mustard on his face."


Now here's the deal. Bud is not about "image" but substance. "I love baseball.... I will do whatever I think will help baseball." Bud makes things happen.


Too often, we choose image over substance. Glitter, glamor, bravado, swagger and status influence us in our choices of presidents, news anchors and, even churches.


Jesus said, "Look at the fruit." What kind of trail does the person leave behind? People of status claimed he worked for the devil and ultimately did away with him. His substance was such that we still follow him 2 millennium latter. Maybe God should have named him "Bud."


What trail are you leaving behind? Which one will you follow? May it ooze Bud-ness. Play to a crowd of One: God. Jesus called disciples who had a hot dog (kosher, of course) in one hand and mustard on their face. And they changed the world.


Look in the mirror. I hope you find mustard.

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