Sunday, April 17, 2011


The other day, I got mad at an inanimate object. A washing machine.  It had migrated in front of the laundry room door, blocking entry. A regular Rubics Cube of a domestic situation. As a rational priestly type, I prayed.


Did you really believe that?!! I went ballistic, far outstripping any rational response to a bad situation. Using brut force (and not well, I might add,) I slammed the door till the washer move just enough for my wife to slip in, climb over the washer and put it back. An "unrepeatable in any lab" spaghetti knot of apron strings (grand kids Easter eggs) had moved the entire load to one side of the drum.


Where does that anger come from? I realize my issue is not tied to cleanliness but to sin. I am holding on to something that belongs to Christ. I am not okay and my insisting that I am keeps me from my resurrected self. His death laid claim to my shortcomings, known and unknown. I ask for the enlightenment to let go.


What are you holding onto that weighs you down, lying in the background and you have gotten used to it? It is not normal. Pray that each of us turns over to Christ our burdens. He claimed them in our bad behavior at the Cross.

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