Monday, April 25, 2011


Quick tally. Was there more candy or more Jesus in your Easter? While I realize that this is an apples and oranges comparison quantitatively (okay, maybe you count "pew" time,) I am asking you and me this questions qualitatively. That is, is Jesus the centerpiece of your Easter?


I like easy fixes and things that make me feel good right now. I think most of us do. If I have to think about it or work at it, no so much. Yet, almost nothing worthwhile comes easy. And, most of us teach our children and grandchildren that following feelings can too easily get us into trouble sexually, financially, occupationally and chemically (drugs.)


At first, the Resurrection is kinda big and not at all as tasty as a chocolate bunny (or Cadbury egg!) Stick with it and with Christ. The pay off in the quality of life is immeasurable. The Resurrection means that, ultimately, nothing can do us in and everything will be made new. Don't turn away just because "ultimately" is too long for you or "made new" is a bit vague. Trust God. Follow Jesus in every aspect of life. That is, after all, the Resurrected Life.


Happy Easter.

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