Wednesday, April 20, 2011




In the movie Soul Surfer, Bethany's youth minister shows close-up pictures of everyday items in order to show how perspective changes things. Close up, I don't know what it is. With perspective (and maybe distance,) I have a better handle on things.


This Thursday, a few will trickle into church for Maundy Thursday. This is a day filled with images. One of them is Jesus instituting the Lord's Supper. He literally says to us, "Do this so you do not forget."


In the Episcopal Church, we believe that Christ is in, with, under, around, through (please feel free to add your own) our Eucharist and its People. It is a powerful mystery that can literally change willing lives.


Here the questions. Have we lost perspective? Has Communion become on a par with sleeping in, a ball game, doting on visiting company, or shopping? Or is it a profound and necessary mystery that fuels our life?

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