Monday, July 25, 2011


What will propel you through today? I'm not taking about Starbucks but I have been known to get a quick start from caffeine.


I'm talking about this. Will you be drawn through the day by a vision greater that you and your surroundings? Or will you be pushed by bad memories?


To many of those I meet, without knowing it, plot (and plod) out their day in reaction to a bad memory. They try to overcome their feelings of inadequacy, loss and fear by frenetically (or sluggishly) trying to prove their past wrong (or giving up and validating the judgment of the past.) This race cannot be won, just endured – day-by-day, forever, unless help is sought. I have needed and sought help to expunge these demons. These day consume us – literally.


Others are drawn by the hope of a better day, of fulfillment of their purpose, and of an adventure. I believe God fuels these days. They may be hard but we are not consumed by them because God supplies the fuel.


Jesus' fuel was the Kingdom of God/Heaven.


What's yours? Ask God for "pull" and give God the "push."

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