Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twitter Bible - Acts

1-Book2 o'Luke-risen Jesus appears, says soon outta here but U wont B alone-Jesus 2 heavn-white coat dudes say Y U surpized?-Matthias replaces Judas

2-Wind, tongues o'fire-Holy Spirit-foreignrs understand each other-Babel undone-Peter preachs-church shares everything-many added 2 #s

3-Peter/John heal lame man-Man praises God-Peter: Y R U surprised?-Investing in Jesus has power-Change your minds;quit trying to be self-sufficient

4-Relig officls 2 Petr/John: cut out Jesus talk!-5K join P/J-P/J wind up in relig court-P sez cant help it-Displs pray-peeps generus

5-2 lie 2 apostls & die  4 it-crowds gathr 2 B heald-many join TheWay-Relig dudes jealous; arrest apostls who escape/flogged 4 obeyin Gd

6-Converts food fite-keeps discipls fm God work-apoint 7 deacns-1, Stephen speaks o'Christ boldly-arrested by religus-trumped up chargs

7-Stephen preaches in his defense 2 his relig prosecutors-Claims Jesus is Lord-They have him stoned 2 death-He asks God 2 forgiv them

8-Saul approvs Xn killin-all but apostls scatter-Philip preaches n exile-sorcerer baptizd as result-foreign outcast begs P 4 baptism

9-Saul persecuted The Way-Risen Jesus meets him on road-Why?-blinded-follower told 2 GO & house Saul-Saul preaches X-ppl try to kill Saul-Church flourishes

10-Gentile convert has vision: Gd sez, gd job, get Peter-Petr has vision 2, watch R 4 relig fussiness-2 meet-God doesn't play favorites

11-Peter checks in2 headquarters to explain his liberal acceptance of Gentiles- sez, God told me-Church spreads after Stephen's death

12-Herod jails apostls, kils James-church prays 4 Petr-chains fall, Petr free-gards n deep do do-apstls cant Bleve its Ptr-Herod dies

13-Barney/Saul n Antioch-made missionares-prech Jesus n synagogs-sorcerer interfers, Bcoms blind-relig R jealus-Saul 2 Gentiles instead

14-Paul&Barny meet w/succes preachin n synagogs but sum R unhappy&split worshiprs-Paul heals, ppl mistak thm 4 gods-relig ldrs stone thm

15-Conflict n Church-gotta B practicin Jew B4 Bcomin Xn?-Council: we giv U no extra burden (okay, mayB a few)-Paul/Barney split ovr Mark

16-Paul has Tim as protege-Spirit guids P's work-P reachs out 2 women(oh no1)-Lydia househld baptizd-P/Silas in prison, covert guards

17-Paul/Silas met w/mixd reviews n preachin-In Athens, Paul uses whr Athenians R at in spirit 2 draw them 2 X-"X is wht U R searchin 4!"

18-Paul gives up & moves on 2 preaching 2 Gentiles-Relig ldrs mad but 2 no avail-Paul leavs church ldrs whr he visits as he moves on

19-Road trip-Paul finds Xn's w/incomplete understanding of Gospel-pattern of hostility by relig ldrs and pagans continues but Way grows

20-Paul on the road again-more relig resistance-P's sermon bores man 2 death-P revives him-P sets sail 4 Jerusalem after farewell spch

21-Paul 2 Jerusalm-Church tels Paul 2 prove he real deal-since he wrks w/Gentiles, looks bad-P complies-mistakn 4 insurrectnist-arrested

22-Paul speks n defense o'arrest-vry honest n tellin his God Story-Crowd angry-AuthoriTs afraid ,P Romn citizn-Tak Paul 2 religus court

23-Paul angrs relig authiTs-gets them 2 squabble w/each other-AuthoriTs plot 2 kill P-Govt officials find no fault-whisk him out o'town

24-Relig authoriTs make case against Paul to governor-He's a troublemakr-Govnr expects bribe, gets none-2 years pass in house arrest

25-Relig Lders try 2 ambush Paul-baseless charges abound-P appeals 2 Caesar-King Agrippa hears case 2

26-Paul states case 2 Agrippa-tells "God Story"-Festus; you're insane!-Paul hoped 2 evangelize w/his story-P found innocent-on 2 Caesar

27-Paul sails 2 Rome-sez trip will end n disaster 4 all, is ignord-Storm!-P: take courage, God will help-wreck but all reach land safely

28-locals kind 2 shipwreckd-Paul bit /snake: lives-P arrivs n Rome 2 house arrest-P preachs 2 relig ldrs but 2 no avail-on 2 Gentiles

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