Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter Bible – Book of Ephesians

1-Greetings Gentiles-Tnk Gd in X-chose us n luv 2 B his children-reclaimed fm sin /X-Gd's will is n X-Proud of U-G'd's power n U the Church

2-Lookin 2 world 4 ult answrs = dead end-free gift o'Gd = acces 2 him thru X-we R made 4 gd works-Gd no play favs-outsidrs R now insidrs

3-Those outside faith R claimed /God-my suffering = sign that Gd luvs U-Gd wnts 2 do more that U cn ask or imagine by his power wrkn n U

4-Bear 1 another humbly n luv-each has a role in building up the Church, X's Body-speak truth n luv n order 2 build up-n anger, dont sin

5-Walk n way o'luv-clean up act or miss Kingdom-B ppl o'light-submit 2 1 another: mutually and out o'luv n respect 4 X

6-Everyone: respect each other-put on full armor o'God-pray n Spirit always-pray 4 me, Paul-I send others 2 encourage u

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