Sunday, July 24, 2011


How do you know you are okay, that you "made it?" That you are acceptable?  What proves to others (and yourself) that you are valid as a person?


·         A bigger house?

·         523 friends on Facebook?

·         A child who is a great athlete?

·         A bulging 401k?

·         A Beemer?

·         An advanced degree?

·         A reputation?

·         A job (especially a guy thing)

·         Great health or looks

·         That everyone likes me


We all spend time scanning the crowd to see if we are gaining or losing – if we measure up to the crowd. We don't have to be on top but we sure won't stand being close to the bottom. Please – no average student or uncoordinated child! Oh, and no marital problems (we'll just ignore them or blame our spouse – no counseling! We are above that.)

Problem is; there will always be someone with more. Problem is: we may not have any control over the totems of validity. Some are just luck of the draw. Playing to the "audience" is exhausting – physically (we are constantly busy keeping up things,) emotionally (we live in perpetual insecurity,) and spiritually (these become cruel gods that do not care for us.)


God knows every detail of our lives, even the ones we won't own up to, and loves us beyond imagination. Not because of what we have or do but "just because."


It's okay to let go and change your priorities in order to create a little room to live. God encourages it.

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