Thursday, July 7, 2011


People are more defensive today. Defensive about God. What I mean by this is that more people appear to have God all figured out and will not brook any possibility that there may be MORE. More to God and more to us. They are sure they have things nailed down and they cannot be challenged. I am sure that I do not have things nailed down.


Our thoughts about God as well as our systematic theologies can be as much of an idol as a 2,000 year old carving. We tend to think of time-tested explanations as one and the same as God when, in fact, they are creations of a human mind.


All scripture must be interpreted. The Bible is not self-interpreting. All interpretations are done by imperfect human beings with only a sliver of reality in their grasp. Our thoughts of God are both flawed and incomplete.


If I spend my time defending what I believe about God, I miss the chance of gaining a deeper understanding. Of this, I am certain; I don't have a lock on God. Each day I yearn to know more. Both those I agree (including myself) with and those with whom I do not agree can shed light or deflect it. Upon reflection, I can deepen my understanding of God.


God is a big boy/girl. She/he can take care of him/her self. I, however, am in need of a Savior. One not made in my image or the image of anyone else.


How open are you to a deeper revelation of God?

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