Monday, April 2, 2012


I love a good ad. I like ones that make me smile the most. Dogs get to me. Children being too cute turn me off. If advertisers really speak of why they have a superior product or service rather than selling me an image using sex or a fabricated need, I am apt to buy.  Mostly, I hate jingles. Don't give me helpless women or buffoon husbands.

You and I are the only advertisement Christ has. We are walking, talking Gospels. It is not "if" we are a great ad, more "how good of an ad are we?" People want to know if our product, Christ, is really life-changing. That requires a changed life. Mine.

On my bad days, I see Christians as the WORST POSSIBLE ADVERTISEMENT for Christ. Self-righteousness, greed, pompous, abusive, holier-than-thou, hate-monging, finger-pointing. These images populate television almost as much advertisements do.

Most of the people I know, even I, are not like that. But what are we like as advertisers for Christ? Do we really know our product and its benefits (limits?) Do we have extensive, first-hand experience with it? Do we speak of it at all and how it has changed our lives? Is it the very centerpiece of our day? Does it remain unused like the juicer we bought in order to get healthy?

Strive to be one great advertisement for the God of Life today. Embrace your identity. Know your product. Love the Lord. If possible, seek counsel with a child. They get it.

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