Sunday, April 8, 2012


The Resurrection always leaves me wanting more. I never can quite make up the gap between what I know and can grasp and what God is up to. It's the faith gap. No matter what I think I have nailed, there's more. Openness is required as is the suspense of judgment.

That gap was put there for my own good. A person who says, "I got it all figured out" populates the living dead. Those who admit to being a "work in progress" become resurrected (the dead living.) Study of relativity and quantum physics even have come up with, "Well, there's more than we thought."

God's best work in done in the gap places of life and so is our best work. We all have some knowledge and experience. Each is different. We tend to focus on these and too often this turns into a fight over who is right or best. In the gap, we all are equal and share a commonality that birth or hard-knocks or locale or party affiliation or education cannot give.

Strive to live in the gap today. Embrace questions. Suspend judgment. Recognize commonality. Be resurrected.

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