Sunday, April 8, 2012


I don't really claim to understand the mechanics of The Resurrection. I have never seen anyone raised from the dead. At least, not bodily.

That does not keep the Resurrection from being core to every thought and action of the day. God takes the deadest things I hand out. Things I made dead and I knew I was doing it. Not mistakes but blatant, "Up yours." Defiant, Jim.  Things where I thumbed my nose a God. God takes my mess and, with me (that's the key,) forges a new reality that looks more like what God intended. God does this individually, communally, familially, nationally and globally. God does this through the humble and loving who know their own foibles. God takes crap and grows roses. People do rise from deadness.

Have you turned your deadness over to Christ? He can handle it. The best act it yet to come.

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