Monday, April 2, 2012



The Almighty expects our full attention. The Almighty has a grip on our finances, even if we suffer. The Almighty expects us to drop everything and rearrange our life and prioritize our calendars. The Almighty expects child sacrifice. The Almighty does not worry about burnout because there are more of us. The Almighty expects slavish worship.

No, not THAT Almighty, the God of Jesus. I speak as an observer of the lives of employees in the oil business and as priest to wonderful people. The Almighty I speak of is a bigger home, the career track, the coach, a demanding spouse, the pursuit of more money, alcohol, Facebook, reputation, looks, school, the boss, keeping the peace, downsizing, "more with less," stinginess, feeling good, procrastination, bailing out of commitments, ________________ (you fill in your favorite.)

These almighty's promise the goods but, mostly, fail to deliver the life promised. They, in fact, turn on us and devour us. They may be good in context but they are terrible as the gods of our life. Yet, we too often choose them first.

The Almighty of Jesus does take commitment but also does deliver as promise when we follow in trust. We lose our life to the Almighty and (I do not understand the mechanics,) get it back…and more. We will never be consumed by this Almighty.

The God of Holy Week says, "You can consume me but I will never turn and consume you."

What god will you follow this week? Choose life.

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