Monday, April 16, 2012


I want to ban "I believe" (as in the Creeds) from Christianity. I do want us to believe in something. It is just that a belief, a credo, used to mean an investment, even with one's life. Today, belief means that I have the right or fashionable collection of thoughts about Jesus. This collection puts me in the "in" crowd, at least religiously. No need to live them out. Just having them is enough. At times, a pair of designer jeans or a new Facebook app gets more real investment than Jesus.

So, I had to think, what do I believe in that makes a difference in the way I act? What do I believe in that makes me look different (if not odd or offensive) to others? What do I believe in that makes other ask, "Why do you behave that way?"

Here goes. A start. I believe…
  •  In a God who, loves everything that he made. I can write off no one and the environment is part of the Christian vocation.
  • There is more than meets the eye. Be slow to come to judgment.
  • God feels our pain and laughter. God is never unmoved by the human condition.
  • God refuses to be bound by our narrow-mindedness. Never confuse culture for The Almighty.
  • God has more issues with inert Christians than God does with non Christians. We need to get our act together and stop meddling with the acts of others so much.
  • You cannot save yourself. We are in this together. Lone Rangers are dumb. Self-sufficiency is a lie.
  • People are inherently selfish and self-serving. I am not a good person but am capable of good.
  • The Bible is an invitation to a relationship and not a textbook. Do you know God or just know about God?
  • The Bible is not self interpreting. Interpretations are all opinions made by sinners and may be subject to revision or abandonment. 
  •  God made a 24 hour day. We expect it to expand to 30 or more hours at our own peril. Not every request of us is an imperative.
  • You can let God have it, don't pull your punches. God can take it. Prayer is honesty if it is anything.
  • God makes something out of nothing and we can as well. We cry "Can't!" when, in fact, we should cry "Won't!"
How about you? What will you invest in long after it becomes fashionable or when it causes people to leave you or when it makes life uncomfortable?

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