Saturday, April 14, 2012


Rachel Held Evans writes books and blogs and I love her work. I recently read a blog on why Rachel could not quite embrace mainline Protestant churches (The Episcopal Church would be one of these) even though she loved the zeal of helping others and serving justice that  mainlines embody. Surely, I see this servant's heart in the mainline church that I serve.

Here are 4 things she finds lacking in mainline churches.
  • I miss that evangelical fire-in-the-belly that makes people talk about their faith with passion and conviction. 
  • I miss the familiarity with scripture and the intensive Bible studies. 
  • I miss the emphasis on cultivating a personal spirituality. 
  • I miss sermons that step on a few toes.

We as churches and as people need to be more than "nice" or "do-gooders" or "good people." We need to be "God's people." That is, formed by God and God's story and not simply formed by our feelings or the opinions of others.

Are you committed to your own spiritual formation and that of your church by
  • Talking about your faith with passion and conviction, even if it takes practice?
  • Marinating yourself in Holy Scripture?
  • Cultivating a personal spirituality? 
  • Step on a few toes embracing the ways of Jesus?
Hope so.

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