Monday, April 2, 2012

Does this Theology Make My Butt Look Fat?

Every move we make screams of the God/god we worship. And like a pair of jeans, each move can either flatter or not. Theology is what we have to say about God. We need not use words. Faith involves where we put our trust. What do we trust in? This means actions speak way louder than words and even louder that thoughts. Actions betray the God/god we really believe in.

Here are some possible candidates for the unflattering theology. Pardon me while I head back to the dressing room.

I hold grudges. God forgives.

I cling to bad experiences of my past and let them continually hurt my present relationships. Jesus wants to bear our burdens.

I shirk responsibility. Jesus took full responsibility, even if it cost his life.

I am afraid. God's perfect love casts out fear

I hoard money or things and give away little. God gave us everything we have and encourages sharing

I take the best for me and for granted. God has a special place for the poor, sick, imprisoned, and down-on-their-luck. Jesus came as a servant Savior.

I am frazzled. God made a right time for the right things but not enough time for everything. The 24 hour day was his idea.

I am uninvolved. God enters right into the limits of human life and form (Incarnation)

I am a perfectionist. God wants us to be perfectly ourselves, the self that God made. Anything else is a poor substitute.

I am right. God can do that and love as well.

I don't keep my word. Jesus is the creative and life-giving Word.

I complain a lot, especially about others. God loves and that bears all things.

I gossip, meaning that I love to speak of the misfortune of others, especially second-hand. God is compassionate (suffers with) and a companion (breaks bread with.)

Today, we can find one habit that does not speak well of God (or ourselves) and change it. Don't worry about the bad theology that is left. There's tomorrow. Focus on the good and let it crowd out the bad. We can tackle another then. God does not want to crush us either. Jesus says to follow the Way (him.) I figure that there is a fair amount of latitude in that.

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