Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dead Letter

I got an email from a deceased friend yesterday. I suspect he did not write the note soliciting me to buy the latest in "life-saving" gadgets. I did his burial. I am sure he is no longer there to write emails.


I wonder, if I got an email from either Heaven or Hell, what would it say besides "It's nice/It sucks?"  


I bet it would be about love. About how much I am loved and about how much love a person secure in her/his love needs to love. And about how much love can make a marked difference in a day, a year, a world, a life.


Love is a strategy, a way of life. So much more than a feeling (oh, but what a great feeling-let's not stop that.)


Love today. There's enough to go around and plenty of places that need it.

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