Monday, May 30, 2011

Tommy Knockers

In the mining business, they are called tommy knockers. In the oil patch, they are gremlins. Either way, they are the "things" that work in mysterious ways, defying logic and generally causing havoc. Like the day I had polyethylene pellets (plastic) coming out of the administration water fountains. Or when, on a drill rig, the tension indicator registered we were getting stuck in the hole yet the drill rig didn't hunker down like you will expect under all that load. Both were later explained but baffled us at the time.


Much of life does not make sense. We major in "why?" questions? Why did a child die? Why did she leave? Why did I lose my job? Why can't I find a job? Why?


Not only is evil real. So is randomness. And I like certainty.


I turn to Jesus because the world is uncertain and I am too puny to face all the questions I have. Questions that only deliver crickets in response. Oh, I could buy stuff and gather back-slaps and awards. I could get lost in addiction. I could try escaping responsibility and avoiding attachments. I could become hardened and swagger. I could fret my life away. But questions would go unanswered.


I need God because life is full of tommy knockers.

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