Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drop your Stuff

It happened about once a month. We would go to the gate of the construction site and ask outgoing construction hands to open their lunch pails. Heavy construction sites for an oil company were rife with theft. After a few hundred workers would file out, we would police the area where the line was. Stuff was everywhere! Stainless steel valves, flashlights, instrument wire, gloves, you name it. It was all dropped as word spread down the line that we were checking for theft.


So here was the Rule: If the Man is checking, drop your stuff.


What would you drop if you knew God is looking? What would make you feel guilty? Anything? What would you stop immediately if you knew God was checking? How about if a spouse was checking? Your kids? Your parents? Your best friend?


What would be sitting by your feet? Gossip? Lies? Porn? Acting half your age? Pretending perfection? Demanding perfection? Blistering anger? Racial slurs? Stinginess? "Woe is me?" "Wow, aren't my kids great(er than yours?)" I'm rightness? Unforgiveness? Busyness? "But, I gotta?" "But, I can't?" "If only…?" "It's my right?"


Why not pick up one of the things that would drop at your feet if the world was looking and ask, "Why is this so special to me and how is my life (and those around me) diminished as a result?" Share it with God.


God may be watching but God is more concerned that we have a change of heart. He votes life.

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