Saturday, May 28, 2011

Twitter Bible - Luke


1-Gospel 4 God-lovr-Liz baren-hubby,Zech c's angl-All gd, God will giv U kid-Zech silent-angel visits 2-2 have Jesus-Mary sings

2-Census-Jo&Mary 2 home twn-Mar preg-Motels filld, find barn-Shephrds gt wind o'birth, C baby-Lots o'praise-Jesus cut, hangs out @Temple

3-John preachs public change o'heart-It aint bout holy yakking, act out change-not about you-I'm welcome mat o'life-Door is coming

4-Jesus temptd /devil-3 temptations about powr-Jesus C's self in Isaiah-rejectd by homies-outsidrs C his authoriT-J heals many

5-Jesus, "thers mor" thn meets eye-calls folks 2 follo-heals "Tell no 1, but do religus thang-J's datebk swampd-relig dudes: J=bogus

6-J: rules enhance life, not abt fussines-heals on sabbath-calls 12-relig dudes pissed-thers gonna B reversal o'fortune-luv enemies

7-Jesus finds faith in pagan-J doesnt meet ppls expectations of relig Poo Bah-J sez look at wht I do, not how. Fruit points 2 God

8-Women bankroll Jesus-J teaches reality o'Gd w/stories-discipls ned explaind-must be open to C Gd at work-heals many-calms storm

9-Jesus sends 12 w/his power-sez dont burdn self w/stuff-12 amazed @ results-5k fed w/resourcs @ hand-Gd-"My kid A-OK. Listen up!"

10-J senz out /2's-need o'helpers gr8-helprs wowd /results-merC shld derail all othr plans, incl churchy ones-hangin w/J primo

11-Jesus teachs prayr: will o'God,forgive,persist-J sez evil always lookin 4 host: that U?-woe 2 religus fussbudgets-love God instead

12-Bware hypocrisy-fear God, not ppl-life not found n stuff,dude-stuff won't save U-worry gets U no whr-prepare-followin me tuff

13-chang o'heart marx Xn-sins equal-Gd patient-J heals sabbth, angrs relig leadrs-Godz realiT not pushy but its huge-disciplship costly

14-J healin silences relig dudes-God=radical humiliT-insidrs out, outsidrs in-followin Jesus costs-don't srt till willing 2 pay $$

15-Bunch of little stories w/BIG points told against religious leaders and for those overlooked-every person is important, no matter what, even sinners-compassion!

16-How U handl $ = eternl consequencs-B shrewd but 4 Christ-use $ 4 othrs/Godz work-Dude, youre gona luv Gd or $, yr choice-chuze wisely

17-Dont B an occasion 4 sum1 2 sin-faith grows through obedience & thx, not magic-Reality of Gods hand at wrk seen now thru faith

18-Persist n prayr, Gdz no magic act-Pompus relig bozos mis pt-humiliT-childlik faith best-mov Byond follwin rulz-bellyflop in2 Gdz arms

19-Jesus' love changes life of cheatr-abt gifts; "use em or lose em"-J returns 2 Jerusalm 2 crowds-relig leadrs mad:work 2 kill him

20-Relig PooBahs 2 J: who gav U rt?-J turns tabls, tels story aganst thm-they get mad, try 2 get J n hot H2O w/Romns-J silencs crtics

21-Depth o'sacrific mattrs mor thn $-Jungl out thr, trust me 2 mak it-wach out 4 fals teachrs-wors it is, closr Gd's realiT is 4 trustrs

22-Passovr-Relig Ldrs want 2 86 Jesus-Judas plsd 2 do 4 $-Last Suppr-discpls whine about whos 1st-B prepard 4 whats next-arrest

23-Jesus on trial-Relig leadrs want him killed, govt sees no prob-Pilate appeases crowd-Jesus crucified, dies and is buried

24-Guys dont Bleve womn who say Jesus is risen-Jesus talks w/bummed out followrs who are stirred w/his scripture lesson-J ascends 2 heavn

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