Monday, May 16, 2011

The End

I usually start early on my sermon. I need to let it "percolate" for a while. I was not sure about the May 22nd sermon, however. I have been advised by a local billboard that the world will come to end on the day before the sermon will be delivered. I mean, I am kind of busy and all and this would free up some time since, whether Heaven or Hell, I will not get a chance to preach. If Hell, I am sure the devil does not appreciate sermons. If Heaven, my guess is that God's sermons are better (probably shorter, too.)


I have not idea if the world will end today let alone this Saturday. I suspect it will not. Jesus didn't even know. I have no idea what God is or isn't saying to the prophet who purchased the billboard. I think I will enjoy today. After all, it is all I have.


Here's what I believe. Everyday must be lived as if it where the last. I can be fortified by my past. I can plan for my future. But today is all I really have. Jesus reminds us not to look over our shoulder and not to build huge barns for our future plans. He does say that today is enough and to plan for God to enter our life (and judge our work) today.


How much are you a slave to your past and past experiences? Jesus would encourage you to for give? How much do you let fears about your future spoil today? They may not be good predictors. Enjoy each current moment. Tomorrow would doubtlessly be different than you imagine (because you do not know.)


Expect God today. Let him in on your life today. Invest in what God's up to. Make a dent in the suffering of the world today.


Oh, and I will see you on the 22nd.

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