Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your Well Is Up

3:23 AM. Sound asleep. The ringing of the phone breaks the silence. "Good morning, Jim. Your well is up." I scribble down the location and the directions to a well somewhere in northern New Mexico, get in my coveralls, kiss Christine and fire up the Torino. I'm off. When I went to bed, there were a few wells that might finish drilling before day break. I caught one of them. Hope my crew is sober.


In the oil business, you never know "Where?" or "When?" Sometimes, "When?" happens right after 36 straight hours working on the previous "When." Oil and gas wells keep their own time.


Truth is, as much as we think we are in control (or attempt to control the outcome of others) and assume one day will be mostly like the last or believe we are masters of our won destiny, we do not know what's next. Nor do we know what will be required of us. Maybe a lot. Maybe beyond our imagination. Maybe wonderful.


My experience tells me that both Nature and God are as bout a predictable as the next oil well. While I may not know "Where" or "When," I do know God had good in store for me if I listen. Always good.


Did you hear that? If I listen. While God is always offering good, I am not listening always.


What are you missing because you are not taking time to listen through prayer and scripture reading or by just stopping for a while? It may be a lot.


Listen, God is calling your name.

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