Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This past weekend, I went to see the movie Courageous with 6 other men. I found it uplifting. I am sure there will be comments on the "theology" of the movie. There were some statements I didn't agree with. But there was too much good going on. I was interested more in the overall message.

The message (my words) is – the world needs men to step up and be fully involved in families, both their own and those of others, especially where fathers are absent. For me, this says nothing about negative about single moms, same sex couples raising children, grandparents-raising-kids, single people or blended families (did I forget any other group?) What it did say to me and what it addressed that I see all too often is that men have a valuable role in society, especially as it affects families of all sorts. And they are sorely needed. Society is lacking when men do not take up their spiritual assignment.

I am inspired to be a better father, husband, citizen and mentor. We are not bumbling, lying sitcom fathers or men. We noble creatures who God calls to take the lead.

I am inspired by men who take responsibility for their actions, take compassionate ownership of hopeless lives, who love people more than their work, and who strive to hold each other accountable. I was honored to be in the company of the other six men.

I want to be courageous.


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