Saturday, October 22, 2011


Seth Godin had a recent blog where he spoke of the apprentice sushi chef spending months if not years first learning to make the sushi rice correctly. Having watched this process, I have seen that it is an art that must be mastered. You don't get to the big time sushi making until you have mastered the rice.

Jesus turned loose a bunch of rabbinical school drop outs to do his work. They had a few lectures, saw him at work a number of times, and seemed to have flunked the tests when he posed questions to them. The disciples had to grow into their faith through trial and error. One does not master the baptized life. One lives it. Power is manifested and forgiveness needed.

Christ must master us, the wayward, in order to mature in the faith. The baptized life is not marked by mastery. It is marked by surrender. Faith is practiced but never mastered.

Have you surrendered today? The "big time" awaits you.

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