Monday, October 3, 2011


One of my jobs in the oil patch included working with explosives. When we did, we always did it in pairs. One person armed the explosives while the other had the key to the firing devise in his pocket.  Both people were subject to termination (both of life and employment) if the key remained in the pocket of the armer.

Jesus had people work in pairs (at a minimum.) He does not say exactly why but he does point out that the world is a dangerous place and that he is more apt to be part of the equation if we are teamed with others dedicated to Him. There is more power in a relationship with others than there is in a solo act.

Life can get pretty explosive if we do not have quality, hold-us-accountable, lift-us-up-when-we-are-down relationships. Yet, we often isolate ourselves. We're proud. Don't want to ask for help. We mistake crowds for relationships. True, life-giving relationships take work. And risk.

Who holds the keys for you when life gets rough and dangerous?  Treasure her. Thank him.

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