Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank You, Pastor

This month is Pastor Appreciation Month with the second Sunday in October Pastor Appreciation Day. I want to thank some pastors who have meant a lot to me.

Father Alfred – for talking to a mixed up, love struck 16 year old and understanding (and your Imperial convertible was cool)

Father Marshall – for helping two 19 year olds get and stay married

Father Buc –for walking me through the ordination process

Father Rick – for showing me how little you needed to have an awesome church

Father Jim – for trusting a seminarian with your parish

Father Mike – for showing me that a mind and a heart can work together to achieve far more than I could ask or imagine

Father David – for always being there

Father John – for showing a newly minted priest the ropes so painstakingly

Pastor Rick – for renewing my faith

Pastor Bill – for challenging me to lead

Pastor Andy – for making scripture come alive and for guiding me to my preaching sweet spot

What a cloud of witnesses!

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