Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have a bird who likes to show off (I am interpreting the bird's behavior.)  She (he) sits on the peak (highest point) of my roof and mocks me. Unrepentant noise. You just know the bird likes that high vantage point.


Some other birds (a bit lower) line my back fence and mock me as well. They make all sorts of racket, but act disinterested in the tomatoes. Now, I know that they are just waiting for the most imperceptible pink to show up on a tomato and they will drive bomb it, poke one hole in it and leave it for me. Thanks!


We all like the high point. And if I view the world around me, we also like to poke holes in those who bear fruit. There is something about me that feels that I am a leg down if you are a leg up. I notice than when someone is trying to bear fruit there are others who like to take pot shots (but not come up with their own fruit.)


Pot shots are easy. When we take pot shots at fruit bearers, we often cite our "high point" (lofty truths we hold.) There are limits. Not everything fruit is good. But so much good fruit is spoiled when the pot-shoter swoops in (actively or passively) to spoil the fruit of another.


Celebrate someone's fruit today. Just celebrate it. Tell them you celebrate it. Thank them for it. Find a place to genuinely do this. May we resist critiquing everything that comes our way. Bear some fruit yourself.

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