Monday, July 5, 2010


Lady Gaga (okay, if you don't know who she is, click here) was brought us in a church blog I subscribe to, Church Crunch. She states in interviews that she attempts to create a "space of acceptance" for "freaks."  Through her own odd unorthodox actions and looks, she telegraphs to her "freaks" that they are accepted, even while society (parents?) may right them off.


Sounds like Jesus. Some may be offended by likening Jesus to Lady Gaga but then, he was rejected by religious people. In his case, rejection meant death. Jesus was rejected because he hung out with the "wrong" types. In fact, he seemed to prefer those written off by society to the religious folks.


Who offends you? Would Jesus be offended? Who do you marginalize because they do not fit your preferences and prejudices? How would Jesus relate to them?


Who needs your acceptance today? Give it even if it is difficult. Risk. I hope you, too, experience acceptance today as well.

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