Friday, July 23, 2010


I have noticed over the years that people generally ignore signs. I know this because I get asked questions about things that are on a sign right in front of the inquisitor and me. I know this because people say they "didn't know" when signs were posted all over the place. I know this because people blow past signs of instruction, request, or warning, assuming they were meant for someone else but not them.


God sends signs as well. Not necessarily big ones that write all over the sky or slap us in the face (although, I suspect we would ignore them as well.) No, God sends signs that are usually pretty subtle. I guess God figures that, if we want to ignore him, we will. The size of the sign won't matter.


The Bible has almost 200 references to signs. Most of the time they were ignored by people of faith and to great consequences. Signs usually carry consequences with them when God is involved. God tries to help. Maybe he needs a better sign maker. Maybe he should be more high tech.


One sign we carry is that of baptism. We were marked as God's on that day. We promised to be a living sign that God was still part of Creation and that we were his helper. People could count on Baptized folks like us.


How good a sign for God are you today?


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