Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A boy spent the summer in Venice with his aunt. In the courtyard below, a block of granite was delivered. A young man began to mark and finally chip away at the granite. The little boy was intrigued and watched day after day. Each night, the sculpture went under canvas. Finally, wanting to get a closer look, the boy got the nerve to go to the courtyard and look closer. He pulled off the canvas. A granite lion was what he found. The boy thought it was the most beautiful thing he ever saw. The man who sculpted it surprised the boy. "What do you think?," he asked. The boy said, "How did you know that lion was in there?"


The first thing we learn from the Bible is that God is a creator. The second thing we learn is that we are created in his image, a chip off the old block if you will. We are a work of art and we were created to make more beauty.


What have you done to know the "lion" inside you waiting to get out? The one God placed there. What of beauty are you creating in response to God? How will you share it with a world desperate for beauty? Do I know "what's in there (me?)

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