Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Boots

I was 100 degrees in the shade. Humidity: the usual Houston – over 100 percent. Fashion-wise, it was a train wreck. Orange shirt (dirty, of course,) brown shorts (originally an unknown color,) and blue rubber boots. Oh, and a dry spell of Biblical proportions. I judge that he was 7 or 8 years old. Happy as can be and oblivious to me (or anyone else.)


I'd like to think that this young man's outfit was original equipment from God. He was born in them. Why else would he be so free if it were not his natural state?


What a far cry from me. Always wondering what others are thinking. And they (to be honest) they ARE grading me. Do I or anyone else measure up? There are so many yardsticks against which we are measured. We measure ourselves and we measure life. Everything gets a grade. Only one yardstick matters, God's.


This boy knows (how he knows, I do not know) that the grades are bogus. God loves his kids in all their quirkiness. God invented quirkiness. Check it out. Read the Bible. In fact, God probably wonders about our grading. He invested the phrase, "Don't judge. You will only regret it when the judgment falls back on you." No, God probably tells the Hosts of Heaven, "Hey, I am especially proud of that one. He (She) is using it all, everything I gave him (her.)


Today, can you afford not to be free to be you? Not the "you" culture says you should be. Not the "you" all your friends all are. Embrace your quirkiness and embrace the quirkiness of others. Be you, blue boots and all.

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