Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ring

I am declaring myself a free agent. I will not go to Cleveland but would consider Miami if the price is right. San Diego might be nice. Not sure what my marketability is as a priest. Probably not that good. I do, however, have as many NBA Championship rings as LeBron James has.


Yes, I watched to see where LeBron went. I was routing for Cleveland. He would have gotten more money there and they would have gotten a shot of civic pride for a depressed area. In the end, it was his choice and not mine. But it caused me to think.


The commentators said he was nothing without a Championship ring on his resume. LeBron himself said we needed to lay out his legacy as (his hope) the greatest player ever. He needed the ring(s) as well. He most likely will earn a few. And, he does seem like a nice guy, truly caring about his hometown who he will be leaving.


What I was thinking is that we all have these measures of greatness we are told we must obtain to be validly great. The younger we are, the more important they are. Trophies, diplomas, portfolios, straight A students, popularity, homes, cars, looks, marriage, kids, job titles. As we get mature (some will get old without maturing,) there is a shift in what really validates us. Our validation moves from external to internal. Just as great is a father whose internal values drive him to pay child support when he is downsized. Just as great is a woman whose values drive her to care for the homeless.


I am not sure where you find yourself today in the race to validation. Maybe you have nothing to show. Maybe you have accumulated well. You may be just plain tired. God says you are just fine and he is the only one who really matters. Within you, he has placed a treasure that we all need to experience. When you let out his handiwork in you, you come alive. External validation brings, if it delivers much, momentary peace. Internal validation brings the peace that passes all understanding. May you know peace today. You are valid.

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