Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Good Husband

Doing my spousal duty. Killing weeds. Oh, I take out trash, kill bugs and other "manly" tasks but I get mucho satisfaction from weed annihilation – watching them die and the return of my green, pristine lawn (and driveway – boy, weeds are pesky in those cracks.) But what's this?! Three days and the weeds are mocking me. The weeds are thriving! How rude!


It turns out that I have TWO containers that I purchased. Big, macho, pump-up things. One has weed killer and one has fertilizer. If you know me, you will know I did not mark them, thinking I was bright enough to remember which was which. Think again, Jim+. My hubris allows me to fertilize weeds.


Jesus tells a story about getting rid of weeds. Weeds are a symbol for evil in his case. He tells us to be careful about uprooting them as we might pull up a good plant as well. And he loves the good ones.


In our black and white culture of talking heads on cable, we often miss the truth that both good and evil reside in every one. And God is patient, not wanting to lose anyone. Maybe we should be patient as well and realize how universal evil is in our lives.


My guess is that in the next day or two, you and I will be confronted with evil of some sort. Remember that God hates evil but is patient with the bearer of that evil. Just as he is when the evil bearer is you or me. I'll leave the sorting out to God.


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