Monday, September 13, 2010

Are You For Real?

Authenticity is being what you seem & saying what you mean.

Rick Warren


I love being a pastor. I love people. I ache when I see those I love struggling. Most of the struggling comes from becoming real. Becoming real takes a life time. There are lots of detours. I would like to say that the process of becoming real is resurrection from the dead. Resurrection begins with Jesus Christ, flows through us at baptism, is lived out (or not) to the extent we act out our baptismal vows, and is made complete in eternity.


The struggle to be real takes two forms.


Narrowing the gap between who we are and who we seem to be

Narrowing the gap between what we espouse and what we do


The former is the life free from being who others need us to be and one of accepting who we truly are. The latter is a life free of hypocrisy. Only God can lead us to these states (even if we claim he does not exist!)


Jesus was real and loves forever. His Resurrection gives you the power to be real and really alive.


Don't settle for less today.

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