Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The current issue of The Atlantic has an article the basic gist of which is this: The Baby Boomers may not be responsible for the current Great Recession but they have the resources to get us out of it (if Boomers exercise financial sacrifice.) Further, the Boomers have a legacy of idealism (I was a child of the 60's) and were a generation who wanted to make a real difference but may not have yet delivered on that. In effect, my generation, for the good of all, can say, "This one's on me," and pick up the tab.


As a priest, I find that we want easy ways out of things but there are no easy ways out. This creates a terrible tension, which only is alleviated by some one or some group making a sacrifice. This is our Christian story (I am aware that there are some in the Christian stream who say God is a cosmic vending machine and will give those who are really faithful all the want. I think this is baloney and not a faithful understanding of Christ and the Cross.)


Regardless of our political allegiance, is God calling us, you and me, to sacrifice, to give up having our way? Is the answer to our problems today right in front of our noses? Is the solution not found in "I am right!" but in who will live the life of Christ? God is speaking to us. A response in the shape of The Cross will yield life. Nothing else will. There are no easy ways out. There is a way out, however. One that is FOREVER.

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