Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Wing It

Everyone is ignorant- just on different subjects. - Will Rogers


In 60+ years on earth, I have observed a few things. Now, observations are not facts. I do notice trends that longevity provides. Age gives one the possibility of gaining insight from the span of years.


I have forgotten most of the thermodynamics and integral calculus I learned. I never get the names of plants or trees correct and, by the look of my plants and trees, have never mastered how to keep them alive. I cannot "arrange" things.


I have some things that I have observed over a long period of time. like, how anyone is capable of good or evil (there are no "good" or "bad" people.) How people behave in groups, sometimes noble and sometimes ignoble. I also know when people are getting into the ignoble realm. I work best when someone tells me "can't." And I have come to know kids, especially teens.


I am surprised when I offer my insights (I never offer arranging advice) and others are not interested. Wisdom that comes with age is not valued in our culture. Many people (maybe due to video games?) prefer to learn "on the fly" and "wing it" rather than have a plan based on insight.


I think wisdom is God's gift to us. The Bible seems to agree. Imagine. God sends insight in the form of written wisdom and people who embody his wisdom.


Today, own your own wisdom and your own ignorance. Seek wisdom. Crave it. Give up needing to pose as an expert on life. Connect. Value those who have gleaned wisdom from their travels in following Christ.

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