Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I hate interruptions. Okay, if you were interrupting me to give me a million dollars, I would welcome that. Otherwise, I hate interruptions.


Now, with that said, I do tolerate interruptions. On occasion, I even embrace them. I look to see if there is gold in them. If we are to be in the following Jesus business, we will be in the interruption business. People and their lives do not follow plans much less rules. Most like to "wing it" with "wing it" results. Life is, well, messy.


Christians are in the people business and see many of life's interruptions as God's way of nudging us into ministry. Interruptions seem to be the work of The Spirit. Without a nudge, I might stay on the sidelines, consuming life (and avoiding it.)


Sometimes, we all (some more than others) begin to see the Christian life to be about tasks and not people. Holy tasks, we say. But we forget that the tasks are for the benefit of people. The tasky Christian begins to see people and their interruptions as a nuisance. I often hear this in an alternative form, "I will do whatever you say (task) but I will not lead. You lead." We are all called to lead from time to time and leading will encounter interruptions due to that fact one leads messy people with messy lives. Good thing Jesus didn't shirk the interruptions. In fact, he seems to have made an industry out of them. And he lives even now.


When you get impatient with an interruption today, or when you want to by pass on the person for a task, ask yourself if this. Is The Spirit calling you to life?


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