Monday, September 20, 2010

Corrugated Sheet Metal

On my travels this past weekend, I passes a field in which a contraption with a bumper hitch and wheels rusted away. It was obviously hand made and covered with corrugated sheet metal. The "trailer" was a piece of folk art, more fancy than functional. I imagined a story that went with it.
Bob (I have protected him by changing his name) found a whole bunch of sheet metal at a farm liquidation sale. He just knew he would find a use for it. Molly (also an alias) rolled her eyes (she had had years of practice) when Bob drove up to the house. She knew he
a.) Thought he would use this one day (Lord knows where!)
b.) Whatever it was, it would barely be functional and
c.) It would die a slow death of idleness, never to be used again
She had the accuracy of an ancient prophet in her predictions.
Why do I tell this made up story? I do because God made us to be creators. Creating is the first thing God tells us about himself in the Book of Genesis. One o the next things he tells us is that we are chip of the old block. We, too, are creators.
Somewhere, most of us were told we weren't all that good at creating. Our cow was green and had 6 feet. It sported a skull tattoo (or flowers - or BOTH.) Mine probably exploded as well.
We were trained to confuse realism or success or artfulness for creating. Creating is done for creation's sake. The end product is not what is important as much as the need for the creator to create. You have to admit, God's Creation seems to have a few kinks in it, huh?
Consider life as an experiment. Yes, you must weigh the cost of your creations. Yes, you may create a monster now and then. Yes, you may surprise your self (and others!) with your creativity. Point is, you were made to create. Life flows through the act of creating; be it a home or an airplane or a contraption.
Go wild. Create. You will be standing on holy ground. Don't give hoot what others think. Success will be in the sheer creating. Save your soul today.

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