Monday, September 6, 2010


I recently saw a special on TV about "Irrelevant Week." Since 1976, the last person picked in the NFL college football draft was named Mr. Irrelevant. He received a week in Newport Beach, CA in his "honor" along with some gifts. The motto of the group that puts this together is, "Doing something nice for someone for no reason."


I imagine you are of the same stuff I am. I would not want to be last at anything, let alone a very public last. Reading the bio's of some of the past recipients, I see that a great deal of humility is necessary for what is an otherwise very good college athlete (after all most football players don't get drafted at all.) Humility and humor. Let even receive a Lowsman Trophy, which mimics the Heisman, but depicts a player fumbling a football.


Further reading of bio's reveals that some actually made the team, some started for the team and one even played in a Super Bowl. "Irrelevance" is no predictor.


Those who follow Christ need humility. Even Jesus did not look like a success in his lifetime. Much of the life of a follower is pretty routine; doing the right thing for a good God and getting very little recognition. Maybe even getting in trouble or looking stupid when the world chooses to go in another direction.


Most of us will receive few accolades for our work in God's Vineyard. We may feel like losers. We may not be sure we had much impact. Faith is all we have. Faith we are following God honestly. Faith that in God's economy it makes a difference.


Head into today knowing your life matters and produces fruit even when you don't see it. You are not irrelevant. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you for the hours, days and years of faithfulness. Do something nice for someone for no reason today.

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